Visitor Info

Show Field address - Hanging Shaw Fields, Long Marton Road, Appleby, CA16 6JL. 

Admission Fees

Over 16's - £10

10 - 16 Years - £3

Under 10's - Free

Free Car Park

Ring side parking - £5



8.00               Showground opens


9.00                 Industrial Marquee closes for Judging


9.30             Judging in all other sections begins EXCEPT Children’s Pet’s, Dogs

                 Equestrian Rings Open - 1, 2, 3, 4


10.00           Sheep

Do it Yourself dog Agility – Main Ring

Working Hunter Ring open


11.00           Vaulting - Main Ring

                     Handy Pony - Handy Pony Ring


11.30           Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling - Main Ring


12.30           Industrial Marque opens after the judging in complete.


1.00                Children’s Pets classes to be followed immediately by the Dog Classes and Terrier Racing - All Main Ring


2.00                 Presentation of Industrial Trophies takes place in the Industrial Marque

                        Vaulting - Main Ring


2.30             Eden Valley Young Farmers’ Club - Main Ring



3.00             GRAND PARADE incorporating Vintage Parade



                     Cattle, sheep and horse trophies will be presented at the Secretarys

                     Tent by Show President, Mr A Slack


3.30             Concours d'elegance - Main Ring